Ricky Gervais needs to stick to his knitting.

As soon as the “stars” get involved you should know it’s going to be a source of embarrassment for you among your more sensible friends if you share, post or comment in support of XYZ stupid issue, and you should not do it under any circumstance, lest they think you a tit for the next week.

Would I like to shoot a Lion? Not in a million years. I don’t think many Kiwis would either. They are beautiful and noble beasts. However, when you’re a lard-arsed dollar dense dentist being steadily driven to well documented suicide from looking at peoples mouths all day,  who is having no luck in the sack with the rose garden wife -a-la American Beauty– big game trophy hunting probably seems like a good idea.

Hunting for pleasure is distasteful in my books, and naturally appeals to people with more money than sense who can’t think of better ways to enjoy the outdoors. If  I was somewhere-in-Africa and healthy budget, I’d be in my khaki painted tree house with retractable ladder watching the sunset with bottles of wine, a loin of Biltong, and a naked woman. But each to their own. This guy wanted to go hunting at dusk for Lions, and it is legal. You pay $50k or so, and you get to blast something that presumably gives you a rush of blood. Key word legal.

Officials in Zimbabwe are outraged because Cecil got got. “Dey got deh wronge Liohn!”, they said. Fools the world over rush to jump on the bandwagon and let their Facebook friends know they are enlightened.  Does anyone see the comedy?


If you must waste your time on viral “causes” the no one important will listen to, at least do it for something that paint you out to be an idiot. For a start, how about focusing on Zim’s abysmal human rights record and willingness to slice up old white farmers? We could even keep on topic, and just question why they  allow Lions to be hunted for cash in the first place? Pushing your beliefs the civilised way means there is no tall poppy to zero in on, no blood to see, so it never happens like this.

That 50k  nets a win overall for the local ecosystem anyway, what with breeding and poacher protection programs many operators adhere to. And sorry I digress, but does anyone think it’s funny that in a country who beat white people to death in quite large numbers once they got their freedom from the white man-albeit not economic, democratic, or in any other sense of freedom-  allowed their prized Lion to be named after the most r horrible racist bastard ever- Cecil Rhodes of Rhodesia? He thought Africans came from a different primordial soup than whites did.

We should know better than to form lynch mobs. Walter Palmer is the product not the problem.  Focus on the problem. Start a movement advocating avoiding travel to countries that allow this. That would have more chance of making change than getting a whole bunch of far-removed twats wishing death upon a guy.

The facts are this- he paid to go and hunt Lions. Walt had a government sanctioned permit. His guides screwed things up in French-spy style grandeur,  luring a particularly well liked Lion who was then hunted and killed. It is their fault this happened. They probably ripped a few too many moonshine sachets open that night and weren’t on their usual game.  That should have been end of story. The dentist is now getting death threats for shooting an animal that had a few too many hashtags to his name. His family are scared, and probably with good reason.

Stick to telling jokes Ricky Gervais. You don’t have the moral high-ground at all. You are a hypocrite. You shake hands and kiss and hug people at ceremonies with more fur in the closet than I have carpet.  Leading human witch hunts is more shameful than hunting Lions legally, in my book at least. Get a grip.

Outrage directed at this fat American whose hunting guides screwed up big time.
Outrage directed at this bored  American whose hunting guides screwed up royally when they shot Cecil the Lion.