Suppose I should put the disclaimer out there so dad doesn’t have a heart attack once my marks become aware of this site and call him bleating.

Obviously I am a product of my environment. I grew up listening to all the happenings at MDC, since the age of about 10, and have helped in some pretty hilarious stunts over the years. Similar but far from identical views on things. I am interested in local and national politics. Some may wonder what posses me to pay any attention to Masterton- well I would like to settle down here eventually and I am currently a ratepayer so why not. And politics is fun. Its a bloodsport, and i’m not one to look for it at the pub on Saturday night.

Brent doesn’t like flinging muck so much these days because he subscribes to the belief you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. He isn’t entirely pleased with my interest in local politics or how I’ve chosen to get involved.

So to all the people who I might offend on this blog- it wasn’t Brent’s idea so don’t bother moaning to him about it. Spare the offence altogether actually, its nothing personal at all. We have a speyed media who don’t ask questions of our democratically elected representatives and public organisations to the standard I deem appropriate, and I think that is very important that they are always kept on their toes, so I will step up and put the heat on them in the absence of others doing it.

Andrew Bonallack just wants to be loved and have friends. He also loves watering his WongaWonga vine.
Andrew Bonallack from the Times Age just wants to be loved and have friends. He  loves watering his WongaWonga vine.

Below are a few things i’ve done for the love of satire and muck raking.

If they can all just do their bloody jobs properly and treat ratepayer dollars with the same respect they no doubt treat their own I will be left with nothing to carp about.

Pip's pou. She was the Pou wizard.
Pip’s pou. She was the Pou wizard. Credit to Kate for the artwork.

Probably a bit unfair as it was a team effort in letting the costs runaway for a few long strainer posts and gas cut steel shapes,  but anyway I like the look of this poster and as Chair, Pip Hannon could have had overseen this better- maybe she was to busy sleeping during meetings? Still the Pou debacle was a good laugh and actually won a place on Whaleoils “silly local government spending” competition. Which is no easy feat, given the amount of stupid spending that goes on around New Zealand. If it wasn’t funny seeing everyone at council squirm around their words to the papers about it, it would be sad seeing so much money being wasted. Actually it is both.

Super City Argument in a nutshell.
Super City Argument in a nutshell.

Have met Lyn Patterson a few times and she’s awesome- but she was so unmovable over the supercity , a politician should be able to change their mind and not be stymied by pride.

How did the lawyers get on talking to youtube guys?
How did the lawyers get on talking to youtube guys?

The onus was on me apparently! Interesting viewpoint. They should start calling her Adrienne Streisand.

The Trust
The Trust election info-flyer

Looking forward to writing about the Trust- a bit of a dodgy organisation in my opinion. Several people in the local media I’ve spoken to say it is untouchable for them due to the advertising the Trust buys from them. Look forward to this.

Here is the follow up. Streisand effect anyone?