Andrew Bonallack has many loves beyond watering his Wonga-Wonga vine. Here are just three:

1) Writing his editorials  based on yesterdays page 3 fluff stories, or the latest discussion topic on the kiwi journo assc. blog on Facebook.

2) Channeling his inner Jesus but making a tit of himself on a Facebook journalists group by saying things like:

“I have to say I do subscribe to the view that editors know best. Editors never stop thinking about societal hungers, patterns, the ebb and flow of their readership, right down to the most base desires.

3) Not telling high office holders that their weekly contribution got a D- and they need to go back and write something relevant to their function in the town.

We saw that today, with Dr. Pim Borren writing a bizarrely irrelevant column about Maori pronunciation, his Dutch ancestry and a push for us to be more patriotic.

Dr. Borren
Dr. Borren wants us to be proud of who we are and wants to remind us that “Maori people are generous.”

Thanks Pim, you get a gold star for remembering Maori language week. Now, please get back to work.

I would love to know if Borren thought of this great idea or if someone suggested it. He gets paid over ten times the average Masterton wage. If he really can’t resist the urge to get some Face time in the paper it should be about council business…maybe telling us how he has improved things, or will improve things. Thats his job, managing MDC. He’s the guy who gets paid to keep the staff from causing to much mayhem with vigorous inspections/checklists/redtape, and trying his best to wrangle those bloody councillors who would have the Auditor-General knocking quick smart if you let them. To his credit, he certainly doesn’t have an easy job, but he is paid by ratepayers, and at the moment seems more concerned by his image than his job.

If I want advice on how to live life I will get that from books written by famous thinkers, not Masterton’s CE.

As for Andrew Bonallack, his dear lil’ heart is in the right place, but he really needs to start covering council. He likes to believe we all prefer fluffy nonsense, but I believe the people would actually love to know a bit more about MDC- how it works, the decisions being made, the factions, and the characters that run Masterton.  The last few editors at the Times Age have been 3 different shades of gutless and the good journo’s there can’t be bothered trying to talk around Andrew-of-Nazareth.

No doubt half the problem are the sweet wee journalism grads that seem to get posted out here to do some time in the sticks.  Bless their little cotton-softs, they couldn’t think of anything more boring than writing up the latest stuff up or spat at council on a Wednesday night.

[UPDATE Friday 7th]. Emily Norman write up on sculpture. Shes done a few good stories now. I like her!  Today was  exactly what I think we need more of. She just put the story out there and let all the readers know how their councillors vote. Simple. I hope she keeps it up. Usually council stories are so brief you never know what the hell the councillors get up to when it comes to vote time, and that is vital when deciding on whether to reelect someone. Story HERE. Emily Norman. Masterton sculpture. Hopefully Andrew doesn’t take issue with her- I like her!

Do you think MDC could do with some extra heat put on it? Would you find that informative, entertaining or both? Let me know in the comments below.

*Funny story coming about that soon.

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