Heh, Gazza is a good bastard but today he made me laugh.

Sculpture issue in the paper today. by Emily Norman.

Councillor Gary Caffell backed the proposed sculpture and seconded the motion to support the northern roundabout location.

“We’re aware that there are other plans for [the roundabout],” Mr Caffell said.

“Personally I think the sculpture is outstanding.

“And I do remember that I was the one who seconded the first motion on the pou so I might not have the greatest record on this, but I thought the sculpture is outstanding and I believe that it will add something to the town.”

As I have said before, I think it looks cool. But the problem is we need to live within our means and it seems anyone can make a wishlist and get it in this town, usually while having a good suck of the public’s tit. I don’t like how the sculpture proponents came out saying it won’t cost anything.  The grant the Trust will no doubt throw in will come out of whats available for others in Masterton. It is hardly surprising the Trust is willing to contribute; a quarter million dollar statue would be perfect for looking at in their extremely flash offices  just over the road above the Farriers. They must be so stoked with how the towns poorest people just love being milked. Anyway, I digress

I have to admire Gazza’s honesty and hope this sculpture is pulled off the absolutely minimal public funding, lest the firestorm that will blister council and his good self if MDC suddenly need to inject ratepayer cash when the impoverished folks at the Aratoi Foundation plead poverty any day now. I doubt that however, it will blow out by a good 30-50% if my gut is to be trusted.


Gazza, Pip had to go on the last cartoon, and being the fair and considered person that I am, looks like you’ll have to be on the next one.


Bobs bird trap
Bobs bird trap