I love China and Chinese people. Thats why I’ve been back coming up 8 times now.

Mushy stuff aside, its the like the wild west over there. I have seen so many crazy situations there, but I must admit they are all dwarfed by what has been on the news lately. Namely: man eating escalators and blood thirsty lifts.

This latest video takes the cake though, hands down. Truly epic and nearly nuclear in appearance. I hope the death toll doesn’t keep rising and i’m sending a prayer to everyone hurt.

-Credit Peoples Daily.

I’ll save the gore video, but the lady who got eaten by the escalator at the mall is gruesome. And then the cleaning guy whose leg got eaten a week later in Shanghai. And the kid whose leg got swallowed last year. I don’t know if it is fake Schindler equipment or not, but on all of these occasions the accidents were a nose-hair away from being prevented. By that I mean the mall attendants (usually 20 something year old girls) were at the top of the stairs telling people to take care, but had not shown the initiative to shut down the machine. There is one main reason I can promise you for the escalator incidents, besides obviously from the useless maintenance guys leaving the machines in the state that caused it all:

The mall workers were raised in an education system where to think independently is not encouraged. Many people in China can only function effectively in a job with painfully comprehensive direction from a superior. Anyone who has worked in China will agree that is an accurate fact, generally. They would not have dreamt of pushing the red “stop button”, because no one told them to.

More on the whole, gruesome accidents are a feature in China-life because many people  have a culture of indifference to general  health and safety practises and one could argue practical physics.

Its so sad and used to quite upset me walking around and seeing so many adults and kids  with severe burns on there faces or neck. I was so confused about why so many people are badly burned (10% of population easy). I spoke to a Chinese friend about it, and he actually knew what I was talking about straight away… Somewhat embarrassed, he told me its all cooking accidents during childhood….pulling the pot over you basically.

I just don’t understand it.

I’ve been electrocuted a few times in shops from opening the drinks fridge. Been in several and witnessed several traffic accidents. This is common.

Last year, I was sent to China to oversee production of over 1 million keyrings for NZTA


These plated keyrings must be polished by hand (10 at a time on a wooden brace), and how they do that is on a 5kw motor spinning at 10,000rpm. Like the motor below and with a car wheel sized polishing wheel attached.


The workers use their knees and arms to leverage the brace hard into the wheel with no protection at all and their loose sleeves are usually being baffled around by the wheel. Scary stuff to watch I tell you! There are accidents regularly.

Its all part of the experience though, and one learns to bother trying to change it rather quickly.