I thought i’d look at some minutes on the council website and found something Andrew is obviously too busy to deal with in between writing editorials about his Wonga Wonga vine and doing front page stories on a bloody tarrot card readers coming to town.

I’ll try and keep this up and post some other things we would otherwise not know about, owing to the paper being busy. Incidentally, when Bonallack is not watering his Wonga Wonga vine, he is busy being a journalist, reading “the ebb and flow” of his readership, like some Jesus saviour, in tune and at one with the “readership” and their desires…well according to him anyway on the Kiwi Journalist Association Facebook blog.

You’d think he works for TIME as the central Africa correspondent the way he carries on with his peers.

Its good that these minutes are available on line. However, minutes are just minutes.

I wish we could have a camera or microphone in there recording, because I know after hearing years of banter that certain people -councillors- let slip incredibly stupid comments/vote that would almost certainly make some of them un-electable should they ever be spread around the town in an email chain or blog website.  Minutes are not that in-depth, so unless you can be arsed going down there you miss out on all the comedy. Still, too many items  are done in closed council, and I don’t see the broadcasting of meetings taking off anytime soon, as many councillors quite sensibly fear for their reputations being irreparably damaged.

According to records here:

“We now have three proposals from local Wi‐Fi suppliers to establish free Wi‐Fi from Lansdowne to Kuripuni. A proposal to do the same in Carterton would start a regional wide town CBD roll out known as WAIFI.”- Pim Borren.

This is great news.

Just a couple of thoughts:

-Too many cafes and free city wifi networks have annoying log in procedures and time limits. Its so 2008 to have barriers, and now with cheap unlimited deals available I hope local ISPs going for the contract don’t stipulate anything stupid like 1 hour limits. If they can’t be competitive then it should go to a national company. Enter your email and surf- simple!

-The landing page should take you to a Destination Wairarapa page with relevant events for Masterton only. Or MyMasterton’s page. Sick of CDC and SWDC leeching from all the efforts MDC funds over and above what I would call a fair division of costs.

-A couple of signs off the state highway should notify people that SH2 is not actually the main drag and they should bump over to Queen St/ Kuripuni to see all of our shops and use the wifi in the heart of the town. We get a lot of tourists coming through and they have no prompts to visit shops etc.

What do you guys think about this?