Ron Mark  was channeling all the garble of a North Korean media release over an article in the Times Age the other day :

“…we so desperately look forward to the fallout and the consequences on the National Party in the 2017 election.”

Haha well sorry Ron, I’m sure as much as you would like to break the windpipe and totally smash the waists* of  National- you will find that they will give you a good pasting in 2017. Thats because  NZ First’s outdated and racist policies don’t fool the sensible, real world, get on with living voters of the Wairarapa. Which incidentally is why National has held Wairarapa for quite some time.

Thats democracy folks: Election results. Alister Scott struggled on the charm offensive and got hardly any press, perhaps because he refused Andrew Bonallacks requests for a titty twist, but still came through on voting day. He’s not all bullshit and bluster like our Ron. Sure, he had the national party’s brand behind him, but I like to think the voters forgave him his clammy palms and accepted his real-world experience.

Contrast this to  Ron.  He slipped in on the list for NZ First because NZ  has a decent little pool of voters nationwide who buy the basic politics of Winston, and think their crust is being eroded by all the slit-eyes.

I’ll give it to Ron though, his style could make him a good replacement for the master-of-bluster-and-bullshit Winston Peters, but in my opinion he would be more help to the country being back in the army workshops saving people Jeeps.

Just as I thought Emily Norman was showing promise she starts sucking up, and not even giving Scott an opportunity to comment. Bonallack must have given her a lecture. Disappointing.