The empire is growing, and grants are down. This is nothing new though.

The people behind this sizeable organisation love building their empire and don’t help as many people as I think they should. Trust House is even worse.

The MTLT’s annual reports are available here if you care to see them, and latest figures are from a press release sent to the Times Age and faithfully regurgitated by the Bonallack here.

2008 MTLT had $54.7m in total assets, $39.5m in equity, and grants totalling $1.07m. Thats 2.7% returned as grants from total equity.

2015 MTLT had $67.8m in total assets ( up 23% from 08’/ 3.3% growth per year), $39.8m in equity (unchanged) and $914,000 in total grants. Thats 2.3% returned as grants from total equity.

This has been going on for decades.. is this performance good enough?

Our two trusts deliver tiny real-returns to the community, year after year, and do a very good job at keeping the papers on side with silly press releases.

The community would get more back if the trusts sold up and put it in a Rabobank account.

Anyone care to weigh in?