“Why should Wellington City – 220,000 people – dictate to Carterton, which has been running its affairs very efficiently … why should it be dictated to by the majority?” he said.”

…Said Ron the other day…

…Ron seems to have trouble- much like his party leader does- of backing up anything he says with evidence. We saw that today with the Wairarapa News conducting some journalism, that thing the Times Age and the Bonallack so struggle with.

“After more than three decades in the growing Carterton District Council has lost money on its harvest of a forestry block that it owns near Mount Dick. The council got $970,401 from the sale of more than 13,000 tonnes of timber on 22hectares on the Kaipaitangata Block but after harvesting costs were factored in they made a net loss of  $10,000.”

Now, I’m no economist but the net loss is nothing compared to the opportunity cost of all that capital thats been tied up all these decades.

Carterton CEO Colin Wright might have to get another warning letter about this, least he carry on with his topsy-turvy method of selling long held assets in the troughs of the market.

Now for the best bit:

“Prices for low grade logs were very high in early 2014 and had the harvest been made at this time, the Council would have made a significant profit.”

Wasn’t that when Ron was in charge, running his council “very efficiently”? He was being so damn efficient that he couldn’t be efficient…..wait…that doesn’t make any sense.

Another question could be raised as to why the council maintained the trees so little they could only be sold as “low grade”. Ron’s party NZ First continually harps on about the need to add value to our exports.

The only possible summary of all this is that Ron Mark, along with the CEO Colin Wright, are useless buggers who should be working at the tip and not high office.

Caption on the Wairarapa News read: Log Price slump...hits Carterton. It should have read: #FAIL-CEO decides to sell in the trough , buy at the peak.
Caption on the Wairarapa News read: Log Price slump…hits Carterton. It should have read: #FAIL-CEO decides to sell in the trough , buy at the peak.