Increase the refugee quota.

I am embarrassed to say this, but yesterday I was so nonchalant about this issue. All it took was two photographs:



The first is a model who was cruising in her boat who found a guy treading water and saved him, the second speaks for itself.

The only decent thing to do is to accept some more of them. Not only would it be shouldering our “fair share” as a 1st world country and giving some just respite to our economic peers in Europe, more importantly it would just be being decent- a progression in our world.

I generally piss off my leftie mates by just holding a view contrary to theirs, but on this I have to agree.

I’m ashamed that it took these photos to swing me. What a fickle bastard.

Some things are best left out of politics, and Key let himself down listening to the polls and not his heart.

That said, we must not allow ghettoisation in NZ like notably in France. Provided we treat our new Kiwi’s to all the help and hospitality  we extend to each other, I don’t doubt we will be making a good decision. After all, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realise that most of our brain surgeons are not 3rd generation kiwis. They are the sons and daughters of immigrant toilers.