Christ, I am beginning to think I have the same curse that afflicts the Labour party.. That is to say when I say something is broken, it magically fixes itself…painting me out to be a wally in the process.

We saw that today with Nathan Crombie’s story on Taratahi. No sooner had I started lampooning Bonallack about his crap helmsmanship of the Wairarapa’s only daily, real good stories have been popping up; the first time in some years. Today with a ripper from Crombie, and lately by Don Farmer and Emily Norman. M’hat’s off, Mr. Bonallack.

I bet the students at Taratahi are having a laugh today, must be a good change for them seeing the teachers being covered in steaming cow slop by 7am on a crisp spring morning.

Blood and guts were splattered over the front page today with much surgical gauze flying around too in the way of very carefully considered but unconvincing responses from a Ms. Mavis Mullins.

“Someone should have realised we were not fully compliant and fixed it”

Yeah, a million + bucks Mavis. “oh look golly where did this come from”. Mavis Mullins would make a fine politician with  purple prose like that leaving her lips.

“We did grow, we grew very fast and, unfortunately, we didn’t have those processes and systems to ensure we met those funding rules…I don’t want to use the word sloppy, but we just got a little bit loose internally.”

The only thing sloppy is the runny brothy poo leaving her mouth and dribbling down her chin.

The whole story translates as: “We enrolled fake students to bump up our income and tuck the taxpayer. We won’t speak ill of the dead, but it was mainly the previous bosses fault, who  topped himself over the whole sordid affair being given some sunlight. Now that there is a dead scapegoat, the government has been  self-preservingly charitable in not taking this any further other than saying give it all back. We’ve fired a bunch of people for haplessly getting a bit “loose” because we were growing so fast.

I want to know how many overseas trips Mavis takes and what she learns on these jaunts.

Mavis Mullins Wairarapa Taratahi.
Mavis Mullins Wairarapa Taratahi.