Is Don set up in a sniper position or something? Another ripper from the Times Age:

“Only four Masterton district councillors would categorically state which way they had voted on a $25,000 salary increase for chief executive Pim Borren when approached in the immediate aftermath of a special meeting held yesterday, partly to discuss transparency.

This was despite Mayor Lyn Patterson saying during the course of the meeting that she was comfortable with individual councillors disclosing to the media which way they had voted, if they wished to do so.”

I think they over thought that comment from the Mayor. When she said they were allowed to talk to the media she actually meant it..

..She wasn’t trying to trick them or anything. Have they been abused and perpetually fear the wrath from know…Pavlov’s dogs like…. or did they know this would make them look extremely bad and are just exhibitionist masochists? Why else in gods name would they take this path?

“In light of Mrs Patterson’s remarks yesterday, all councillors were polled on their vote but only Gary Caffell, David Holmes, Brent Goodwin and Chris Peterson would confirm their vote with the first three named being against the pay increase and Mr Peterson in favour.”

They showed some accountability to the ratepayers, and like good lads told the reporter how they voted. Gold stars for all of them!

“The others – Simon O’Donoghue, Mark Harris, Jonathan Hooker, Pip Hannon, Doug Bracewell and Graeme McClymont – would not comment, although, when asked last month, Mr McClymont had indicated he had voted for the salary increase.”

Worth noting here that not all of the mutes  voted in favour of the increase…clue D.B & L.P… and Chris Peterson certainly deserves respect for saying how he voted in favour of the increase publicly.

It boils down to this, basically all those in favour of the increase kept their mouths shut to the reporter because they don’t have the guts to let the people who put them there know how they voted.

They shall henceforth be known as team “We Just Cant!”    …which was inspired by Graham McClymont’s brilliant one liner in the meeting that day: “We can’t have everything out in the open, we just can’t. That’s the way it works.”

What a council we have.

Its spelled Graham by the way TA!