It’s bad form to lie to the people who voted for you… but it smacks of incompetence to set yourself up to be caught doing so.  Being a sporting man, I’m sure Harris is familiar with the term “own goal”.

Just the other day, we had Mark Harris in the paper claiming cutely:

“he could not see what council was not being transparent about.”

Nothing to see here folks, everything is hunky dory. We are just so peachy I can’t see any areas for improvement!

Well, it might just amuse some of you to learn what drivel he has posted up on his official Facebook page.

Lets begin:

“transparent decisions”


Yeah, you read that correctly!

“I am standing to ensure that there is an open and honest transparent process with Council”.

And then just last week…drum roll….:

“he could not see what council was not being transparent about.”

Stellar effort there, Mark.

In 2013 you may remember this article Re: broadcasting council meetings to the public. According to council minutes Pip Hannon moved and was successful in relocating burying the matter to the Communications Strategy Task Group, which is where all good ideas go to die. Of course thats done in private, and which …drum roll….. Mark Harris is a task group member of. We will never know what Mr. Harris had to say about the matter, but I am willing to wager he did the opposite of what he claims to be in the game for on his election material.

And since when is “travelling extensively overseas for pleasure” been some sort of qualification for being involved with the governance of a town? If thats the case, he should step down and let me jump in, I’ve been to the Congo!  To be fair though, he’s not the only one who writes silly irrelevant things on election material.

As for his 1 million dollar specialised and private running track that he and 14 other people use, there is much more to that story, but the real media is working on that… it will certainly be an interesting juxtaposition to follow his latest brazenly cute statement. Im sure 34 people could potentially use it, but he fell out with them because he’s an arsehole, and so they don’t want to be around him.

Add this to all the innuendo flowing around the place of his various fallings out with organisations he has dealt with in the past, it is not painting a pretty picture of the man. It is even rumoured that his main reason for being opposed to the super city was because he was worried Wairarapa Bush might have to be renamed Wellington Bush, although that is completely anecdotal.

The guy is a say one thing and do another moron and arsehole.


4 Pertinent questions for Harris to answer:

  1.  Do you financially  benefit in any way from the Pelorus Trust Athletics Track? If yes, then what did you have to do with the development of the track both during and before your capacity as a councillor?
  2.  Will you update your official Facebook page to indicate you are no longer standing for “open and transparent process in government”?
  3. 14 people a week using a million dollar private track could be construed as a slight misplacement of ratepayer funds…is 14 an accurate number Mark? If no, please confirm the number of individuals using the track per week. You may use Sweedish rounding if that helps.
  4. Do the other clubs not collaborate with you and your 14 person club because they wouldn’t pay you enough money? If yes, are you prepared to wear a dunce cap and sprint the 400m?
Mark “bullshit artist” Harris