Alrighty folks here is my write up on the lot in Rural & Urban. The incumbents also have their 2013 statements juxtaposed below their 2016 statements.


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Well him being a true blue farmer I’m inclined to take his statement  on the basis farmers are upfront people. I don’t know the guy but i’ve had it on good word from connected rural people that he’s well respected; capable. It is anticipated he’s going to do well vs. the lifestyle-blocker puppet guy below. 


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Graham does well in his statement in the fact he doesn’t make airy-fairy claims of promising to cure cancer and world poverty like the majority of candidates do in their  statements. I respect that. However, for reasons apparent in a recent article I believe a vote for him is wasted as he has got ZERO notches to his name on matters benefiting his constituency. He was also dropped as chairman for  Audit and Risk for an outside non-mastertonite appointment who was more capable… Phillip Jones. What does that say about the guy? He’s a lackey and a weak rural rep. [McClymont didn’t have a candidate profile from 2013 because he ran uncontested]
As an aside… This Phillip Jones guy.. Completely Un-elected.   On thee most powerful committee on council. Why didn’t this get a peep in the media, but the Iwi injection did? I’ll leave the debate on that to you guys. *racism cough* [see bottom for PS]


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Caffell is not afraid to pick a fight in council which is what you want. An excellent communicator with the public as evidenced by his platform “Masterton Matters”. A bit bent towards parks and flowers and sport  and not much else apparently stokes his fire but hey he’s one of the good guys. I have a litmus test I apply to everyone I ever meet in the first 10 seconds. I think “if I was in Auschwitz concentration camp with this person”… “would they be helping me dig a tunnel out or would they be narking to the guards in return for favour”. Gary would be helping dig the tunnel. I would give this guy a tick.
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Caffell’s 2013 statement for reference.
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Shit hes me dad I can’t say how he’s a persistent wanker on occasion can I. He doesn’t give a shit about being liked on council and every decision he makes revolves around “are the ratepayers getting a good deal out of this”. Enough said. Many councillors view him as a “negative element” but the good stuff you don’t get to see. Like the groceries I’ve seen him buy on occasion for people who have randomly contacted him and said they are in trouble. On the topic of “negative element”… Tally up and do the maths on on the various unjustified money holes he’s  had a hand in shutting down  over the years. How much has that saved people and the town? Is that so negative? Tick-o for Brent-o 
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Goodwin’s 2013 statement for reference


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My old mate Mark Harris. This guy is a scoundrel. He recently had his trust dissolved for serious mismanamgent, and then made some bizarre comments in the paper about it.  The police were allegedly almost called in at his previous role at Cycling NZ when money went missing, but he got away with a staged resignation because the organisation  didn’t want to scare off the sponsors. If I could trust him in the slightest I would congratulate him on wanting to clean up the rivers. Social deprivation issues- since when has this been in his sights, and how exactly?  He’s another one who has has written his statement with empty promises. Accomplished very little in his one term on council, and is crooked as a dog’s hind leg.  Vote for him at your peril.

Compare and contrast his 2016 statement  vs. his 2013 one below and tell me if it passes the sniff test.

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His two statements have dramatically changed and this sets off alarm bells. Perhaps he was visited by an oracle in the night? He has skipped his “instrumental” involvement with the track trust which was was removed from his care under dark clouds. He has no longer included “an open and honest transparent process with council”.  As we know, desperation is a stinky cologne and it is quite appropriate to include a clip from one of Scorsese’s greatest films “Casino” when summing up this man:
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.05.23 PM
Don’t know this person at all. Have heard some good and some neutral hearsay, but her CV looks decent and certainly a lot better than some  incumbents who i’d love to swap out with her. Her statement towards the end gets a bit bloody waffly and is priming the alarm bells but not quite setting them off. She forgot to include curing cancer..! Keep in mind who nominated her when you see her vote on council. I’d give her a tick based purely on the fact she’s successful in her own right and isn’t doing it for the money, which either points to insanity and/or conviction of beliefs- either of which I champion. 
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Empowering community… righto.  Another one that forgot to include curing cancer in their statement. I am sick of these tired platitudes that come out of candidates- they don’t mean anything.  Tell me again how council has a role in providing a non violent and stimulating environment? This person has set off the alarm bells and fails the sniff test. Don’t know her so can’t draw any strong conclusions but she seems too waffly and while socially focused councillors are needed there are plenty of them running in At Large who I believe are more capable. I don’t think I could give her a tick.
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Ziggy’s glass!! First termer with successful business expereince. Towards the end of this term he got more and more confident with voicing his concerns. I think he’s worth a tick. He would be helping with the tunnel.
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2013 for reference.





**I happen to think Iwi reps cannot possibly do a worse job than some of the current pillocks around the table so I don’t have a problem with it… but the process-rather lack of it- that got them there is a crock of shit.  The circumvention of democracy on a “we know best”basis is not something our common ancestors that have fought and died for  would be very happy with. It could have been done better i.e with more consultation.