Well, it was interesting to learn Cr. McClymont actually likes Mark Harris. Which is a very nice thing of him to do really as no one else does.

But thats not why we are here today.

He’s recently been slagging off a certain person on council for being “a negative element”. For that he will now have heat applied to his neither regions from now and until such a time as he is no longer on council.

If you are going to slag people off as utu for your mates Graham at least make sure you have some dirt on them. Fortunately my dad Brent doesn’t involve himself in grubbing grants for his private business unlike the track pant sporting Mark Harris and big hat no cattle Jonathan Hooker…. your mates.

If actually batting for ratepayers and not showing interest in joining the old boys yes men club makes you a “negative element” then god help us.

Let’s begin with a cartoon:

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.33.38 PM

Now, for those of you  folks out there who are not familiar with all the goss in MDC you are probably thinking what the fuck is that. Here is a short analysis of the cartoon:

  1. Graham is next to his truck that he owns in real life.
  2. Mayor Lyn Patterson is driving the truck which symbolises their real life relationship in that he got made deputy in exchange for absolute loyalty to Patterson. If Patterson isn’t entirely pleased with McClymont’s subservience she can always push a button and unleash a metaphorical lahar of human sewage all over him, which in the real world would be losing the deputy mayoral position in the next term (if he gets on!) and facing down his most displeased wife  Teresa (the letter writer) at dinner time.
  3. Teresa (the letter writer) is sitting on the truck with royal garb on. This symbolises the  power she holds over Graham.
  4. The red writing at the bottom is a crude way of saying that when his wife’s wishes conflict with the mayor’s he abstains in order to avoid getting his ears boxed from either of the aforementioned people. This has been evidenced in many a set of council minutes where Graham mysteriously “abstains” on relatively simple matters. Hardly the stuff of a rural representative tasked with taking hard working rural peoples views’ to council.
  5. The overall feel of the cartoon, despite its poor quality by virtue of being made in about 11 minutes, is that Graham looks like a silly little puppet, which is what he is exceedingly successful in proving to anyone who actively follows council.

The new rural candidate should give him a caning. Ross Cottle is his name.

I will say one nice thing about Graham McClymont. This has trickled back to me from what a few people have said to me.

At his heart he is a successful business man who actually occasionally does and can contribute strongly and make good decisions in council. Especially when it comes to bigger contractual matters- that’s his business experience coming through. However he only gets off the leash very rarely when he is  not fearing what Lyn or his wife (the letter writer)  will say to him later on. No one likes getting their ears boxed so I don’t blame him. However smart his tactics are in preserving his ears, this behaviour does not a good councillor make.

Hence, he is known as  Graham “abstain” McClymont- deputy leader of team “we just can’t!“. His famous article:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.34.08 PM
On Council conducting more and more business in closed-to-the-public meetings. Times Age Sep 10 2015

Just call him Abstain if you see him around, and ask him how his crooked mate Harris is doing without a running track to run his business on.

At the end of the day Graham McClymont  has been a weak rural rep because his allegiance  to his wife and Lyn (politically) is stronger than his allegiance to the rural voters who got him in. Simple as that.

Feel free to copy this cartoon and fill in Graham’s speech bubble. Best/most funny caption will win a prize. Drawn 8th October.