We have a mixed bag here of 10 people. Five seats. In my opinion, unfortunately it looks like someone good will have to miss out even if the not so good don’t make it through.

For sitting councillors I have also included their 2013 election statements for ref.

To read Part 1, which covers rural and urban wards click here. It is a must read.

Here we go…

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Have heard good things about this fella. Farmers tend to avoid blowing smoke and have a natural talent towards prudent strategic planning. Solid experience in local bodies. Want a big spending council? Perhaps not your best bet. 
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“The real deal”. I am hearing this second hand so don’t quote me but Deborah Davidson has a proven record and passion for social work with youths and people not as fortunate economically as some people. Keen on greater youth engagement which I am very pleased about. Striving to increase services and awareness of current services in Masterton to people who can use them- the latter is a problem I can confirm. Do not be puzzled by my contempt of people who claim to want solve all the ill’s of society in their election statements. I am just suspicious is all…after seeing  a decade of people claim the same at election time and do nothing. When I can actually believe what they say…it is a different story. She gets even more points for not raving on about it in her statement this year. Understated.  We can’t have a council full of conservative honkys to be a good, well rounded council so I would welcome this candidate with open arms.
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I have on good authority that what she says in her statement is all true plus some. Who wouldn’t want this skill set on council? +15pts for saying a good council rep is the peoples mouthpiece at the table. Amen.


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If Hooker lived in Nevada the local Indians would bestow the name “Big hat, no cattle” upon him, and for bloody good reason. It is no surprise he is a man of god, he himself features in the bible. Mathew 23:5. Please read the articles you’ll find on my blog about  him. Please. He loves having many fingers in many pies and I believe he does it for the money- simple as that. At the unlikely best he is good willed but is out of his depth. He’s been around for too long and has screwed up too many things (balloon fest anyone?). He was intimately involved with this athletics track scandal of which serious questions remain unanswered. He’s a yes man spanning 3 mayors. Chair of international relations for how long and achieved stuff all- just a handful of junkets to China. He now pays for his flights to China because council bailed him up on the cost/ lack-of-return- but how about some back pay?  Self employed my arse. His garage went bust, now he survives on council and various part time “project management”council positions he has weaselled into.  A vote for him in this stunner of an election with these fantastic other people is treasonous to Masterton. He also, just today in fact, took the dubious honour-along with Mark Harris- of having the lowest attendance rate of any sitting councillor running in 2016.
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2013 statement for ref. A scene from Scorsese’s masterpiece Casino comes to mind when I think of Jonathan Hooker… play it from youtube below.
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Keith Hunt is a hard one. Why? Because i’ve heard two conflicting views on the man. The first one is positive:   High level experience internationally and nationally, as well as a record of applying his skills charitably, and with an interest in cultural/arts he seems to have it all. The other version of him I have heard, which comes from a very reliable source  says he’s too old now and is passed it. “He was chair of the Youth Choices Trust not very effective not a team player.”… and that Youth Choices Trust was about a decade ago…
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A well known troubleshooter who brings people together in order to solve problems is one account I have heard of the man.  God knows that in the cat herding industry that is local body politics this is a valuable skill.  However, I am not so sure about Frazer Mailman: He is Chairman of Aratoi, and a massive shit-storm by Masterton standards is brewing as we speak regarding this fine establishment.. I can’t say anything more than that at this stage. Pay close attention to how Mailman handles things. What I can say is that he appears to believe- and has done for some time- that Aratoi deserves higher year on year funding increases, and total sum funding than schools, libraries, swimming pools, other culture and art, and well… basically anything else in the town. I know some people love Aratoi, but this doesn’t sit easy with me. It contradicts what he’s said in his statement and what I know from experience is that when candidates bullshit in their statements they usually become shit councillors. Click here for some citations to back up my claims.  Take what you will from it.
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Where do I start? Nixon outshines even Gary Caffell in terms of approachability and engagement with people.  Does not rest on her laurels despite having plenty to rest on in some top level roles nationally. I will eat my hat and possibly self-harm for my foolishness if she turns out to be one of those councillors who promise much in the election but doesn’t deliver (all hui no doey types). As a result of her excellent communication skills, I do not need to go over her plans as she has made them crystal clear in her various media efforts to date (website, Facebook, snail mail etc)… and they all look exciting. She’s been in the thick of it before so to speak and if I was a charitable man I would warn her incoming fellow councillors not to pull any shit on her or the town of Masterton because she is  capable of demolishing rat bags in a matter of seconds and leave nothing behind including the teeth. She is tough, straightforward, and has a big brain. She was the person behind the very successful “My Masterton” campaign.  A tick at the top for Tina Nixon because she will be an excellent councillor.
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Care about the environment? Vote this man.  Chris Peterson is a good honest bloke. He bristles at politicking, which in my view is sometimes necessary and sometimes unproductive [politicking that is]. With other candidates making a strong offering and only 5 slots available, voters will have to think hard when choosing whether to vote for Chris Peterson.
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2013 statement for ref.
Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.07.45 PM
Ian Steer’s  statement is waffly as hell but he gets down to business at the end. Does he understand council’s function? YES. Does he have extensive knowledge of infrastructure which is boring as hell but is over 80% of council spending? YES… this is where many councillors new and old fall over. Is this not a sexy offering but a very important one? YES. I trust him and people with far more brains than I agree. Steer your pen towards his box and tick it.
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Tons of professional experience in the big bad world. Diplomatic experience. Seemingly conservative which is necessary if you don’t want your rates hiked up with every tom dick and harry’s fanciful wish list being granted upon application to the council. Don’t know too much about her right now. On Facebook I struggled to tell if she was financially conservative or not judging by a recent comment she made after reading this review.
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 6.28.33 AM
…[which she quickly cleared up]…
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 6.41.11 PM
+15pts for responsiveness. And on only 5 hours sleep too (+15pts) if you care to look at the time stamps. It seems we might have an energiser bunny on our hands here and that can only bode well for MDC which is afflicted with some people who if they are not sleeping, will put  you to sleep. *like*

This election is extraordinary for how many quality people it has attracted. But there are only 5 boxes………

Overall a good spread of people who have different skills, interests and ideologies. However getting the right mix is key and too heavy on either side of the political spectrum would see a less than optimal council. Above all else is having the courage to speak up in council, resist that small town urge to tow the line or be liked, and if  it does get heated  be able to cross the partisan lines and get back to making the best decision you can as a council.

If any candidates are listening….

It is not a social club. You are not there to make friends. If you do that is a bonus but you are there and getting paid money to honour the people who voted for you. Do not be mediocre. Do the readings and don’t fall asleep in the meetings like Pip Han…sorry never mind…


Remember to vote strategically- you don’t have to use all your ticks!

Oh and thank me later Times Age- I know it is hard to do this sort of thing with only a platoon of journalists at your disposal. sigh.

I hope this has helped you become more informed on our candidates. Please share this around your networks and start gossiping at dinner. Oh and please take the poll at the bottom of this blog.

Please don’t vote that useless grinning Hooker in. Please.



NOTE FOR POLL. Jonathan I don’t mind you voting for yourself once, but if you are going to do it twice at least hide your IP address so I can’t tell it is from you. Cheers.