What will worry me far more than any of his proposed policies is if nothing changes- If we look back four years from now and he was much of a muchness. If that happens… with Donald fucking Trump… we can all safely assume it doesn’t really matter who we vote for and I would begin to question the entire system of Democracy.

Trump will be judged in history soon enough. I obviously wish America all the best and hope a Trump administration sees some positive change in average Joe’s life rather than negative- but any change will do in my books. It will show we are not blindly going through life being told different governments will net different results. This feeling of hopelessness is precisely what people are feeling now.

Politicians are out of touch and telling people they are unenlightened hicks for bristling at their various policies on immigration, trade, etc. The politicians may well be right- who knows- but guess what oh enlightened ones, its a democracy, and they should either listen to the  people or sell their fucking ideas better… Not more of this media assisted propaganda whereby anyone with remotely conservative views are called the worst names imaginable by leaders and their arts grad progressive bullshit policy advisers. Nope, we’ve just seen in America people have had enough, and I for one am enjoying seeing the tears of impotent rage roll down the cheeks of the left wing.

An aside, some of my European mates keep saying something along the lines of “gosh, the right is making a comeback and it reminds us of the eve of the WW2. Yeah right. Get a grip. It is completely different. Image getting into a fight with someone at a bar. Imagine beating them. Then imagine sending them a $50m bill for your troubles.. That’s what happened to Germany after WW1 and that is why the Nazi’s came about- desperation on a massive scale. Comparing that to this is just ridiculous.

The European right is making a come back because the people are sick of hoards of undesirable, misbehaved, bludging and intolerant young men turning up in the hundreds of thousands. There was a balance to strike there [in the EU] on the humanitarian front regarding Syria, and then Merkle fucked it up because she felt like trying to earn Germany some redemption in the history books and just opened the gates. Once some right leaning governments correct this, EU will go back to being the happy carefree beer and coffee drinking people that they are.

Rant over.