I am some sort of Voldemort?

Last year I wrote several articles on issues surrounding council. 15,000 local visitors to the blog and I do zero advertising. It clearly struck a cord with how many people feel. One bad egg even lost his head (Rhymes with Paris).

This year, I’ve only written one thing and it was about a problem no one at council seems to want to know about. 3000 views in little over 24 hours, and hundreds of people taking the time to sign a petition.

Enter Masterton Cr. Gary Caffell- the man behind “Masterton Matters”.  A great bastard without doubt, but one who likes keeping things lightweight. No wonder he writes for the Times Age!

I’m opening a book – paying $5 if  Caffell can stomach mentioning this blog or anything it talks about this year. $1.05 if he doesn’t.

Contact me if you would like to place some bets.

And because I like free and open debate, and helping fellow bloggers, here are some of the heavy hitting posts you can find on his page:


Gazza, the man I hate to love.

He does a good job at council but if his posts were any more sweet they would be on a stick in the form of candy floss. As for me, I need to stop swearing as it appears to frighten our elders.