I am most displeased with all of the sense that is emanating from this letter.


For this blog to survive I need our politicians to say stupid things as often as possible. With Harris gone, Hooker gone to ground, Hannon no longer around to build Pou’s or sleep at meetings, all the newbies appearing pukka, and now Graham McClymont penning good, sensible letters…. I’m tracking to be out of business by March!

With Hooker having an input into the CBD redevelopment I am sure there is fodder to be had down the track, but that’s just the optimist coming out in me.

This is not good. Not good at all.

What’s next, the Times Age starts being worth a buck fifty I suppose!?

On a serious note, nice one McClymont. After all the  baby bathwater bullshit Garry Daniel, Adrianne Staples and Ron Mark subjected us to in the first round amalgamation debate (oh and $800,000) this is very refreshing to read indeed.

Who remembers this video?

Adrianne certainly didn’t like it one bit.

Cheers everyone,