This is just a bit of a scribble to try and help out the ailing Wairarapa Times Age who have found themselves too busy since the October  election to run this story and which conventional newspapers historically  cover after an election.

I really feel for Seamus- the editor- he must be feeling so bogged down in between kitten stories, writing appallingly low quality and boring editorials, dealing with the battles that are waged between a handful of remaining letter writers and a new owner who doesn’t want to annoy any advertisers. Who am I to say doing news is easy… I don’t have team of reporters on hand to manage either do I… It must be so taxing and hard to do journalism at a news office. Please spare a thought for Seamus while he searches for his balls. Thank you.

Well, I better get to it.

Rumours started surfacing some weeks ago at the Paper Road Winery and Bar that the election expenses had been posted up on the council website. Being determined as ever I went looking and after about 30 minutes and a crash course in advanced digital forensics I managed to locate said documents.

Despite Masterton District Council spending many tens of thousands of ratepayers cash on websites, it seems  their’s is stuck in some sort of time warp from 2006, where nothing can be found easily, and whereupon leaving the website you seem to walk around in dazed amazement at people touching these little black screens they pull out of their pockets, tap on and smile at. It took me some time to come right.

Just a couple of  little graphs on the election for those of you who don’t want to download 11 seperate photocopied PDF documents from the world class MDC website.


But where things get interesting is looking at the donations…. coming soon.