This is a follow on from Part 1.

You don’t often see donations on the local election expense returns. I mean, you have to really like someone before you just give them money.. right?

You might want to chuck some popcorn in the microwave and crack a beer about now. We are going to play a bit of ‘whodunnit’.

-Who was the one MDC Councillor who donated and paid for almost the entire election of a former disgraced Councillor who ran during the Oct 2016 election?

-Had the receiving candidate of those donations recently been forcibly removed from his management position inside a community trust, because he was a grubbing dishonest prat?

hmmm… I wonder. Allow me:




Just weeks before the election then ex Cr. Harris and Cr. Jonathan Hooker got booted off the Track Trust. They maintained throughout the whole saga that they didn’t financially benefit from  the running of the Trust. However, a different picture could certainly be drawn in the above election expense return… or maybe it is just a coincidence that Harris was so flat broke he had to get McClymont to pay for his campaign. *cough*

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall:

MH”Graham mate, ..ah um..  i’ve got to pay  Fairfax to do my brochure…  you think you could spot me some cash?!” (21st Sept $414 dollars donated)

Eight days later, on the 29th, barely a week before the election, another donation from McClymont to Harris:

MH”Oh hey ah Graham mate it’s me again, Mark. Look that Theus prick is really busting my balls at the moment….. Do you think you might be able to spot me some more cash? I owe Greenlees print $552… could ya do that?”

GM”Doesn’t the Council pay you Mark?”

MH”Yeah but I bought a new pair of track pants with my months stipend from MDC, and I can’t take the cashbox from the track anymore”

GM”Alright mate, I’ve got your back.

I wonder if it was a loan or a gift? I would be annoyed if I was McClymont.  I bet Harris bullshitted McClymont and told him he was putting more in of his own money.

All jokes aside. It was pretty  rich of their  little cabal to go running to the paper claiming dirty politics after the election when the birds came to roost, and bad mouthing certain people at every opportunity.

The facts are this: They were/are all mates, all decided to vote the same way on the same issues over the last term, funded each others campaigns, went to each others weddings, travelled to China on the same unproductive junkets. For them to accuse others of playing dirty politics is nothing but unadulterated hypocrisy.

Cr. Hooker: “No no no just sign it lady, don’t read the fine print!”

This type of soft-porn cronyism should not be acceptable at MDC. Pou’s, sewage, sculptures, and the myriad assortment of other cost blow outs we see at MDC- it is enabled by these type of eggs who don’t treat ratepayers cash with respect. They only want to get on with each other, do as little work as possible re: due diligence, and get favour with the Mayor or other worthies about town who are seeking a hand out. Granted McClymont has his own business, though usually luvvies like Hooker survive entirely on their council salary- they have no other option but to seek election.

It’s not the kind of thing you want to see in your local representatives.  That is the real dirty politics. Not a hobby blog, simply writing what the Times Age used to write before they became scared of losing advertisers.





Isn’t it funny seeing the uproar in the states with Trump purportedly getting less popular votes than Clinton.. yet here in dear old Masterton we also have a politician (McClymont) who is our deputy Mayor  and has full councillor voting rights, yet who received little over 1000 votes?

Most Councillors needed more towards 3000 votes just to get elected.  It would be worth a discussion on the future of the rural ward- letting McClymont stand on his own two feet in the main wards with everyone else in the next election would be a hoot.


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