My fears of having nothing to write about this year have proven wholly unfounded. Cr. Hooker and Cr. McClymont- have certainly stepped up to the plate to met the modest needs of this blog.

Before I get to the main i’ll just put my view forward on the whole Easter Trading thing. If you haven’t heard- all businesses will be allowed to open on Easter Sunday, instead of just 80% of them.

  1. It is worth remembering first of all that out of the 11,000 or so in the workforce in Masterton, this entire decision is expected to effect only 100-200 people. Just a red herring in my opinion.. A bit of easy media sensationalism to throw around and make people think their fourth estate is keeping an eye on council. In reality, the admittedly boring real business of council-where your $1500 p.a or so in rates is often spent with little regard to the effort it takes to earn it- is overlooked by our media…because, well… it is too much hard work.
  2. The religious argument is barely  worth answering being the fairy tale that it is. I guess we are going to have to take our chances with thunderbolts and raining toads on this one.
  3. Yeah, basically what most people said- its about choice and equality for businesses.
  4. And, lets remember that the Friday and the Monday are still public holidays.

Well then, enthralling as you no doubt find reading my views on that; let’s get on with it.

Both papers ran the story:

Bex Johnson is practising what she preached in the election and putting things in plain secular English sans  fairy tales about carpenter orators and misguided feel good nonsense:

“It would be very draconian of us, as councillors, to tell businesses they can’t stay open because we don’t want them to.”

further down the article:

One councillor, Jonathan Hooker, had earlier made a submission on the matter and was unable to vote.

Only  Cr. Jonathan Hooker could shoot himself in the foot with such an adept touch.

Someone should’ve sent him a memo: “Submissions are for the public (that means people who are not elected councillors, Cr.) to have a say. If you are a Councillor, Jonathan, and you submit a submission, you will be unable to vote because this goes against the presumption that you’ve approached your decision with an open mind.”

No memo ever made it to Jonathan. I am sure his religious constituents are absolutely jumping with joy he forced himself to be precluded from voting due to mindlessness, thus handing victory to the devil worshipping councillors who were pro-trade.

As a matter of interest I found this in council official minutes from 2013. screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-10-53-01-am

One wonders how Hooker passed this council-paid-for course if you just look at his decisions in general.

It is just another stroke to his ongoing self-portrait of incompetence. Well done Jonathan, and thanks for your submission. What a bloody plum.

Footage of Hooker at Chungchun Airport.

Now for the main event. And please remember, they are no doubt great people… but business is business and schnapps is schnapps. There can be no excuses for not attacking a bad politician.

The Times Age got this pearler from the man of the hour:

Deputy Mayor McClymont, who had previously sided with the pro-lobby said he had a change a heart and was now against the idea.

Change of heart my arse. More like he wasn’t getting any nookie at home. Remember this letter, from the letter writer:


In case you can’t zoom up to read the letter:


Teresa clearly got a bit wound up last year when I made this cartoon after becoming suspicious of Graham’s voting habits and Teresa’s vocal letter writing to the paper. That is why she is called the letter writer now.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.33.38 PM
Graham & Wife, Mayor.

Zoom up and read the letter, it’s a zinger. She might as well have run as the rural ward councillor and cut out the middle man, so to speak.

Anyway, in her verbacious letter (yep I do sense the irony here) she basically said everyone at easter should have a beach front property and enjoy it and kids running around shops like the warehouse are terribly uncouth and very sad, especially if they are having toys bought for them.

It was an astonishingly presumptive and elitist letter, and it gave me great joy when the Times Age decided to publish it for a second time as the “letter of the week” so even more people could see the thinking of Graham’s master- a total “knows what’s best for you” type.

I was tempted  to make an offer of chartering a bus out to wherever her bach is full of kids from the east side if she could put them up and share in the wonderful magic for the weekend but alas I never followed through, unfortunately. It goes without saying I was in a state of confusion trying to predict how Graham would vote. On one hand, he must listen to her. On the other, she  said on this matter her views do not reflect the views of her husband, leading me to think he might go pro-trade- being the sensible man he secretly is on the inside.

Well, Graham being Graham, he did both! First he wanted easter trading, then he didn’t!

Like I said. Nookie. It’ll do that do a man!

“your independent rural voice”

These two men help run your town. It is a bloody worry I tell ya.

While all the above is true, it is a bit of piss take at the same time. To be fair to McClymont, he said he changed his vote because of the submissions. Gary Caffell similarly often bases his votes on what he sees on Facebook. Just remember guys: The majority are silent- you’ve got to have the feeling of your community to start with- just trust your gut once you’ve got that and been elected. Submissions, Facebook, whatever- the only people who will kick and scream in those are the single issue nutters- listen to them in isolation at your peril. I don’t mean to give sucking eggs lessons here… but it needs to be said it seems.