Work, sleep, work, sleep, work sleep.

That is how the last few months in this silly season for the Manuka industry has felt. Once or twice a month I manage to spit out a few of these bloody blogs. And what do I end up getting for it?! Blimmin’ abuse!!

It came as no surprise but nonetheless slightly sobering to bump into one of the people I’ve mentioned on this blog, and cop a real good cussing out from one of their family members- or all of them- can’t quite remember amid the fracas. It made me wonder for all of about 30 seconds if I should tone down the blog to something more paletable to the fine tastes of small town politicians who can’t seem to handle a frank take of their performance.

Sensitive little darlings. It only further proves my theory that around here and in certain circles the facts and a hard edge opinion take second place to showing  unearned respect to some of our elected representatives. I guess this video below just about sums up how I feel to that sickening notion.

Contains lots of swear words so viewing discretion is advised.

So, don’t ever critique the Deputy Mayor’s professional conduct and expect any civility out and about. You have been warned. For goodness sake…They are politicians and really need to consider the possibility of someone publishing viewpoints on them before they run. There’ll be no free cards handed out playing my version of democracy.

Hey and since when has it been a thing for elected representatives to have their children working with staff at council? Curious indeed.