A big kerfuffle over this article in council.

Hooker, McClymont, Patterson are spitting tacks. Especially Hooker- his vanity project is under threat now. That is the word on the cobbles.

Just as I predicted:

“too far progressed now to stop”


They should pay me for using my 6 step method to get a project rolling. I did promise them a 50% refund if it doesn’t complete.

However I do need to make a clarification regarding the funding:

In my original article I intimated MDC was the sole funder. This was incorrect.

Both Trusts have also been approached for funding and I understand one of them has made a conditional offer if other parties come to the funding table too.

So- my bad on that. But it doesn’t change a thing. Whether ratepayers directly pay through rates at MDC, or part of it comes from the Trusts of whom all Masterton citizens are stakeholders…. It is still our money… and a dollar wasted here is a dollar less a more deserving cause could use.

Just think… a “gifted” Chinese pavilion that is set to cost us $70,000-$100,000 and was sold to us slathered in bullshit….  would have been enough to keep King Street Live rolling. International grade acts, lovely venue, great crowd..

Not to be.

Vanity projects for one man though…. you betcha’. It is a crazy world we live in.