[UPDATE on this update… TA are ropable with the Mayor. They claim to have proof she did say exactly what they quoted her as saying. Either they are lying, or Lyn lied to her Council. Such scandal, much curious! I’ll keep you updated! 30/3 7pm]

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Re: yesterdays article, which you can read HERE.

In today’s public council meeting a few of the councillors apparently gave a bit of stick to Mayor Patterson over her Don’s comments in the paper yesterday.

The Mayor was apparently mortified the paper published those lines and claims she never said anything of the sort.

If correct, I owe her an apology for having a dig yesterday.

Perhaps she would like to join me sometime putting the Times Age staffer responsible in stocks in the middle of the town square. I’ll even let her smack Don’s  botty if she wants.

They struggle not only to spell her title correctly…

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 7.49.03 PM

…but also lack the competency to get the story right.

The thing is folks,  the Times Age can’t be trusted.

They are either disinterested and lazy; as we saw last election with editor Seamus’s inexplicable decision not let candidates battle it out in the paper, inaccurate; as we saw yesterday, or most commonly and sadly; with the staff trying to do their job’s properly yet being told to drop certain subjects after  MDC’s CEO Pim Borren storms in and loses his temper…

I could go on here and get into the  dark days of Editor Andrew Bonallack- but sometimes it is best to respect the dearly departed.

I can sympathise…I mean what would you do if you were a newspaper and one of your biggest advertisers threatened to spit the dummy if you didn’t roll over?

But it’s a dog eat dog world innit’:

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At least with this blog all you have to deal with are my spelling errors and gratuitous use of insults.