Oh the humanity… the leader of the opposition gets dragged to the stand at his own defamation trial.. in an election year!

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 6.26.46 PM

Well, he shouldn’t have opened that big froggy kermity mouth of his should he av’.

What is it with the this blur of  Labour leaders playing out their lives with more disastrous foot in mouth comedy than John Cleese could ever have plucked from his cranial.

His One News video… the facials…. tell me with a straight face it doesn’t remind you of that 1990 Arnie film Total Recall:


Total Recall alright.

In an election year!!! Dear oh dear oh dear.

For what it is worth, I think our local labour candidate Kieran McAnulty is made of entirely the right stuff… but he seems entirely misplaced. I mean, how many votes is he going to miss out on just because people in the Wairarapa couldn’t possibly stomach voting for a party currently full of such staunch, impractical and influenced  unionists, zero life experience student union types cum-MPs, and tired old war horses whose sun was setting around the time I learnt what morning glory was. Sure that is just my opinion, but you can’t argue with the way western-world politics are going at the moment. For better or for worse… the majority of us are seeking out a more conservative, less PC, less willing to appease the-social-fringe forms of government.

It is a hard decision. Kieran- I actually trust him. He’s got energy. He’s…real… Whereas if  you think a jelly fish is interesting and a cat loves you then probably you’re quite happy with our current National MP Al Scott.

Kieran is very likeable. Scott is a drip from the couple of times I’ve bumped into him. And he never got back to me on a reasonable question I put to him via email. He’s not getting any help from me this election no matter how bad the alternative party looks… principles mate etc! 😛

But I digress, the Labour Party is simply not credible, and even less so with pact they’ve signed with the wild eyed Greens.

Unfortunate as it is that the National Party is creeping towards Clarkite nanny-statism in some areas, at least you are somewhat safe to assume they will continue to add to the growing pile of overseas trade agreements (which is our only way to maintain our excellent existence), keep progressing some important things at home like redressing our shameful colonial history with Maori, and leave us mostly at peace to go about improving our own lives.

FFS, imagine Jacindarella Ardern or  Angry Andy– or any of Labour top brass come to think- representing NZ on the world stage… It would be a little like this:


A dogs breakfast is what it would be.