Allow me to introduce a very special man:

Masterton council’s CEO.

Deliverer of growth.

Provider of jobs.

Giver of energy.

Omnipotent. With his clogs and louder-than-life explosions of angry in the Times Age office’s when-bad-stories-about-council come out.

Ladies and Gentlemen…..Dr. Pim Borren!

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.57.03 PM.png

Boom time for Masterton!

“…Clearly our investment in economic development is paying off.

I acknowledge especially the work of Kieran McAnulty in this regard”

I wonder if before he jumped up and down looking for attention Pim considered just saying this to the paper:

“Masterton residents have clearly come out of hibernation after the GFC. Developers are seeing potential and acting on it, businesses are spending up on capital investment, confident workers are buying houses and/or giving the tradies lots of work doing up their existing ones. We are not doing too badly, thanks. As a council, we will continue our endeavour to be as little pains as possible with residents own quests to improve their lives and outcomes. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.”

That is what I would have said if I was Pim. But I guess Pim is not I.

One interesting thing a beekeeper learns is that the queen doesn’t marshal the bees. They keep the hive in order all by themselves- finding food, building impossibly perfect structures from wax, caring for brood, fighting predation by wasps etc. Queeny undoubtedly plays a role in the survival of the hive: her time is spent laying eggs and also has a hareem of servants feeding her nectar. But if she falters and fails to deliver, you can be assured another queen will be quietly reared and the sitting queen will soon be dispatched without any prejudice so the hive can carry on doing what it does best.

Quite analogous to our CEO Pim Borren in some ways wouldn’t you say.

Still, not bad news to read about is it. Great stuff everyone!

More to come on this. there is some interest nuggets in the infometrics report.

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