Hi all,

I would like to put this up instantly for you all to listen to, but as it is audio only I must put this audio into a youtube video with captions stating who is speaking at the time, as many of the speakers failed to introduce themselves at the beginning- leaving listeners who were not there blind as to who is speaking.

It is a very clear recording so I figure I should do the listeners and speakers the courtesy of making it comprehendible [with speaker ID captions].

I will endeavour my best to do this by Sunday. Bloody unfortunate was that Wairarapa TV ran into technical difficulties beyond their control and weren’t able to broadcast live. Great resource that so be sure to check them out now and in the future.

There will be a full unedited version for people to listen to with speaker ID captions only by Sunday, and hopefully released at the same time or probably next week there will be versions i’ll put up with some minor commentary from me, rooting for the good points, and pointing out half truths where I see them.

It was a big turn out, a good show, and an important one.

I must say Lyn Patterson came up with the most solid and logical arguments of the night. Everyone did well, bar the unknown Labour person on stage who seemed to goldfish all night and annoyingly started politicking at the end. Patterson’s good oratory was upstaged by Marama Fox who spoke very well, and by Ron Mark who commands attention but who unfortunately occasionally also requires oral nappies. Al Scott not a good speaker I almost felt sorry for him as he played things fair and true but seemed to have one of his burgundy round toe suede oxford brogues stuck in his mouth.

I was surprised to sit next to the Times Age journo who took only short hand. For a 2 hour non stop debate I don’t think you can expect much from the Times Age when they write it up… but such is life.

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