I like the predictability of a good centrist government and a leader who seems decent enough. It is very easy to get my vote. At the moment National gets the tick because Andrew Little looks like Kermit the frog and yaps at every passing car, whereas Bill English and National don’t.

On one hand I despise government interfering generally, on the other I wonder why more isn’t spent on education, health and rehabilitation. Naturally I guess i’ve found somewhere in the middle which most us can probably identify with.

Still, all of that counts for nothing when a great mind speaks and really paints things clear. Enjoy:

Warren Buffet, one of the richest men on the planet.

The question is how can you acknowledge and proceed honourably faced with these truths irrespective of whatever flavour of politics you subscribe to.

While stupidity is found in abundance among politicians, I don’t think ill-will is.  Not in the West anyway.

Any person of the left or right could successfully argue why his or her beliefs are agreeable with Buffet’s vision.

Food for thought.

Recorded on the eve of the millennium, the full video has not dated much at all really. You can watch the 1 hour of the full talk below: