The following clip only adds to the reasons why I’d never vote Green. The Green political movement’s  main concern isn’t actually doing the best for the environment… it’s about pushing the text book ideals they found solace in back in their PolSci 100s year.

I’ve always wanted to hear a Greenie explain to me the incoherentness of their mantra: “for our children and Mother Earth” vs the death toll from climate change & the death toll in Africa from our mining of rare earth minerals used in “green tech” vs. the rather clean green nuclear energy industry death toll which between 3 mile island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima has hurt such a minuscule amount of people in comparison it almost justifies complete dismissal in the whole issue.

The anti-arguments  just don’t stack up, yet the anti-nuclear is an immovable principle of the Green movement.

Dyed Green Greenies are virtue signallers. Whether driving old gas guzzlers  or the more  well off ones among them – epitomising hypocrisy-  travelling by jet twice or thrice a year for pleasure or “enviro-summits” you can surely count on Green supporters to take the gong for hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, real world people reduce their footprint and innovate by being economical and moving forward in an orderly and educated fashion.

I’d vote Nuclear if the option was ever put to me in a referendum. Too many people in NZ and the West in general have not been given a chance to consider the nuclear energy option properly and fairly. Misinformation and rhetoric abounds today aided and abetted by crap journalists chasing clicks.