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About and contact

Both wairarapa.com and wairarapa.org point to this website. The site was formerly known as RapaCrude.

My name is Theus.  I’ve been Beekeeping for the last 3 years. Before that I was living in China working in product sourcing/manufacturing, studying history at Victoria, working in the UK in bars and as a door to door salesman for EDF energy and travelling as often as possible to over 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe overland by whatever means available.

You can connect with me on social media via the buttons on the right or bottom of this page.

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I developed an interest in politics when I around 22 when I started at Victoria, but had been around it somewhat since a young lad owing to my father also having the sickness.

My main goal with this website is to hold our local politicians to account. I figure if they know someone is watching them then they’ll perform better.

My secondary goal here is to get more of generation X and Y interested in politics and my strategy with that is to make the topics interesting by throwing in plenty of hard edge commentary, which I believe is sadly lacking with our newspapers.

Who knows how effective I am being, but it sure is good stress relief giving some of our more braindead local politicians a good thumping when required. I hope you find somethings that interest you.

I’m always keen to learn and improve my writing, so don’t be afraid to help me out with some constructive criticism with the contact form below. You can send it in anonymously if you wish.

Also, if you would like to submit a post please do!



7 thoughts on “About and contact

  1. What about the fiasco that is Masterton Town Square.Nearly 80 dead or dying big expensive trees that council planted badly and then wouldn’t water ,Many many thousands of ratepayer dollars spent and lost.I could write a thesis on the subject! and I know where all the bodies are buried.


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